MCF.026004Digital Comparison Microscope,8M,7 color illumination, universal bullet holder
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  • Very helpful instrument for police station,8M digital comparison microscope
  • With different working stage to see different objectives
  • The bullet holder can adjust 360 degree to support XYZR axis direction positioning.
  • Adopts the lastes AI intelligent image algorithm, full digital image processing
  • Software with measurement function, horizontal comparision,dynamic and static image contrast
  • 7- color LED for different objective
8M Digital Camera Parameters
Resolution 8M,3840*2160
Expose Mode Rolling Shutter
Sensor Optical Format 1/2.5"
Pixel Size 1.62um*1.62um
Dynamic Range >80db
SNRMAX ≥50db
Spectral Charactristics 380-650nm
Exposure Capability Real-time, Single auto, Manual adjustment
White Balance Real-time, Single auto, Manual adjustment RGB seperately
Record Format Snapshot
Picture Format:? JPG Resolution 3840*2160
Video Format MOV,Resolution 3840*2160@25fps,2592*1944@25fps,2048*1536@25fps
Optical Parameters
Optical Magnification of Lines 0.83-10x
Optical Resolution n of Lines 5um
Working Distance(mm) 72mm
Observation Range(mm) 0.65*0.36-8.2*4.6mm
Comprehensive Magnification Full Screen Display on a 21 inch 16:9 monitor 57x-715x
Full Screen Display on a 17 inch 16:9 monitor 46x-578x
Working Stage Square Manual Working Stage 120*120*43mm, Moving Range 55*55*55mm
Round Working Stage Dia: 100m, 360 degree Rotatable
Round Titable Working Stage Moving Range0-14.5mm,45-90 inclined, 360dgree Rotatable
Dual Ring LED Light Source
Colour Temperature 5000-5500k
Power <3W
Input Voltage DC 5V
Dimming Method 0-100% Linear Adjustment
Centric Brightness Coaxial? ≥12000LX
Diffuse Reflection ≥42000LX
Number of LEDs Coaxial Light: 13 Small Angle Highlighting Lamp
Diffuse Light: 40 Bright White LEDs
Adjustment Method Separate Control
7-Color LED light source
Power <3W
Input Voltage DC 5V
Dimming Method 0-100% Linear Adjustment
LED Wavelength Red: 620-625um
Yellow: 590-595um
Green: 520-525um
Blue: 460-465um
Purple: 390-400um
White: 6000k
Adjustment Method Brightness is adjustable seperately
Software Enviroment
Window System Demand Microscope Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10(32&64 Bit)
CUP: Dual-core 3.0G or better
Memory: 4G or better
Hard Space: 10GB at least
Network:10/100/1000Mbps Compatitable Interface
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature 0-40 degree
Storage Temperature -20℃-60℃
Operating Humidity 30-60%RH
Storage? Humidity 10-80%RH